Drupal does Mongol Rally

Last week I discovered that the good people at Consult and Design had produced a Drupal web site for The League of Mongoliers. 4 students, 1 old banger embarking upon a 10,000 mile race to Mongolia. When I first read about it, I had to admit I thought they were crazy. A £1000 car bought at auction, race it to Mongolia, they had to be joking, right?

Turns out The Mongol Rally is a big event. If you look closely on the official launch photo you might see one rather extraordinary vehicle driven by Drupalist Marcus Deglos. To Mongolia in a Ferarri 456? Is this an elaborate hoax? Watch his amusing video interview with organisers and then you decide. Check out below some of the terrain he would need to encounter between here and Mongolia taken from the 2014 Mongol Rally video.

If you start a tweet with @username, it’s a reply

I've seen so many "official" brand Twitter accounts do this. If your tweet looks like the following one, only the individual will see it, not all your followers.

@pdjohnson is doing a QA session today, use the #AskPaul hashtag to pose a question

An interesting note on the above @reply is that "mutual followers" (people who follow you both) also see the @reply so they may join the conversation.

With a subtle change you can send the tweet to all your followers ...

.@pdjohnson is doing a QA session today, use the #AskPaul hashtag to pose a question

NOTE the . (period) at the start. It's as simple as that.


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