Help Drupal8 happen - GitTip Alex Pott


Back in April 2013 Dries Buytaert appointed Alex Pott as a Drupal 8 co-maintainer. Having recently quit his well paid job, in accepting this key role Alex made a huge time commitment to Drupal and significant personal sacrifice.

In March, I quit my job to work on Drupal 8 and then Dries asked me to be a maintainer. Since then I've spent over £15,000 of my own savings and I've relied on my partner's maternity pay as well

- Alex Pott

Last Friday Jakub Suchy made me aware that "@alexpott is getting $33 / week from Drupal community." via his GitTip fund for working on Drupal8. My first reaction was to get my credit card out and then I started spreading the word. This humble figure was not a worthy reflection of Pott's commitment.

Why is this so important?

Alex is playing a crucial role in ensuring the much anticipated next version of Drupal is delivered to plan. Addison Berry has interviewed Alex and published a podcast where Pott describes how the Drupal "community really needs to think about how to fund work on Drupal core to keep it healthy"

Over the weekend Alex has posted "Funding my work on Drupal 8" which discusses the rationale behind asking for community funding, suggesting that companies (like Acquia) shouldn't pay. For me supporting this fund is crucial in helping to maintain one of Drupal's greatest strengths, freedom from commercial slant or control. Alex is not the only Drupaler using GitTip. Greg Knaddison has written about the benefits for Drupal of this relatively new funding model.

Still a long way to go - you can help too!

There's still a way to go to reach Alex's target of $475 per week. If you or your company uses Drupal consider a contribution to Alex Pott's GitTip. At the very least, help spread the word on social media, speak to your boss, colleagues, clients, local user groups.

Drupal powers over 2% of the internet, that's a lot of people, businesses benefiting from the efforts of people like Pott. It's free to download but maybe it's time to give a little back to ensure the long term viability of the project. There really are no excuses, GitTip supports payments in cents!