Globalising local Drupal meet ups

My local Drupal meet-up is fortunate to have some pretty experienced regulars who are prepared to take their turn in speaking and share some knowledge.

Whilst hearing Chris Maiden talk about Behat recently, it occurred what a shame it was that more people couldn't benefit from this excellent talk.

How to globalize your meet-up

I'd love to hear Snugug, Dave Reid, Michael Schmid, Damien McKenna and others to present at my local meet-up but it isn't going to happen. So what can I do about that? Perhaps I can encourage everyone to start recording and sharing meet-up presentations.

This month I challenged myself to illustrate how easy it is. I would capture NWDUG's speaker Matt Smith who presented on Omega 4. Armed only with a MacBook Pro I simply placed my laptop facing Matt, fired up iMovie and used the built in WebCam to capture the proceedings. Simple! Whilst I could have laboured over the task and therefore delayed publishing, I thought this rather missed the point.

Publishing the recordings

Recording and outputting was easy, I then found that YouTube have a 15 minute limit on uploads and Vimeo have a 500 MB file limit. I wanted to ensure whatever I used was free so others could replicate. So outputting at the lowest file size from iMovie got me below Vimeo's restrictions.

I decided to use the camera rather than slide recording as normally presenters share their slides online.

The results

So it worked and here is the proof. I hope you like it and are inspired to do the same. Perhaps this will start a new wave of Drupal knowledge sharing.

Omega 4: Introduction by Matt Smith co-maintainer from Paul Johnson on Vimeo.

Others doing the same

Turns out I'm not alone in thinking this way .... Drupal Somerset are sharing session recordings. Ping me on Twitter @pdjohnson if you want to promote your recordings.