Using social media to maximise impact of an event, seminar, business breakfast


I often find myself invited to business breakfasts and networking events. As an attendee I often feel organisers miss obvious opportunities to engage with their (potential) audience via social media.

Here is a list of ways you could consider employing social media to help build interest around your event on Twitter. Most of the tweets can be planned and scheduled so come the day of the event you can concentrate on the real world delivery.

Warm up campaign

  • Tweet about the event with links to more information
  • Days before, announce the #hashtag

Day before

  • Ask if people are coming - temp them to mention your event to their followers (build your audience

Day of the event

  • Tweet helpful information about how to find the venue
  • Ask your speakers to reiterate the #hashtag
  • Track your #hashtag, Engage with the audience, @reply to their tweets
  • Announce the speakers Twitter accounts so audience can connect
  • Tweet a link to published versions of the slides, supporting documents and further reading
  • Favourite or retweet positive mentions, audience generated photos
  • Live tweet or schedule (using Hootesuite or similar) quotes from the slide decks
  • Consider using a #hashtag for questions since each tweet leads to reaching the followers of your audience

After the event

  • Thank people for coming
  • RT and favourite positive mentions
  • Respond to questions

Use a url shortener like to evaluate the effectiveness of your messaging so you can improve for next time.

    How to set your new Twitter Header image


    Did you know you can upload a shiny 1200 x 600 pixel image to become your new Twitter header to improve your profile page? Doing so is pretty simple.

    1. Prepare an image (1200 x 600 pixels) in png or jpeg format
    2. Visit
    3. Click the "Change Header" button
    4. Upload your image
    5. Done
    6. Visit your profile page e.g. for @pdjohnson


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